Jesper Østergaard - DanVaerk

Jesper Oestergaard | Relation and product investor

DanVaerk international sourcing and procurement

Long experience in sourcing and procurement as well as a Chinese partnership make DanVaerk a strong partner in electromechanical and mechanical products.

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DanVaerk Corporate Investments

The focus is on investing in small, unlisted production companies with a seat on the individual company’s board of directors and value-creating involvement in operations.

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DanVaerk is a sourcing, development and investment company, lead by Jesper Østergaard.

Dan stands for ‘Danmark’ (Denmark) and ‘Vaerk’ (Plant) stands for performance and production, which is precisely the object of DanVaerk: to produce and perform innovative solutions through its activities from Denmark. This object is met through investments in relations and products as well as through development and sourcing work comprising a wide range of international partners.

DanVaerk is firmly rooted in the town of Skjern in Western Jutland and has an international outlook!